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International Journal of Research in Marketing Management and Sales
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2019, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A
New paradigm of customer’s behavior towards digital marketing

Dr. Rakesh Shirase

Advertising has been the nervous system of today s business and what has added to its addiction is its amalgamation with Information, Communication, and Technologies resulting into the e-commerce business. Nowadays, we cannot find any website without advertisements on it. As the numbers of websites have increased enormously, marketers are trying every niche to target the Consumers through various social platforms. Therefore, the demand exists to understand the scope of online advertisements on various websites especially the homepages. Newline Online advertising has revolutionized the world of advertising. Nowadays apart from commerce, marketers are spending the huge amount of money on online advertisements. The purpose of this research is to study the online advertisements on informational websites in terms of layout, types, color, size, etc. After analyzing the online advertisements, the study was also conducted on the effect of these online advertisements on consumers. Newline The methodology for conducting research on this study was divided into two research methods i.e. content analysis of the websites on different parameters and then conducting an online survey of 50 respondents as sample size. The study also shows that tangible products are designed in big picture layout and service products are generally designed in copy heavy layout. It was also found that homepages of the websites carry online advertisements of banking and insurance companies whereas people pay more attention to advertisements of commerce and mobile phones and prefer advertisements showing functions of the product. Online advertising refers to the type of marketing strategy that involves the use of internet for promotion of products by delivering the marketing messages to the larger consumers. It includes delivering ads to internet users via websites, e-mail, ad supported software’s, and text messaging and internet enabled cell phones.
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Dr. Rakesh Shirase. New paradigm of customer’s behavior towards digital marketing. Int J Res Marketing Manage Sales 2019;1(1):51-56. DOI: 10.33545/26633329.2019.v1.i1a.9
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International Journal of Research in Marketing Management and Sales
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